Friday, August 7, 2009

Rainy Days

Well, finally some needed rain! There's always so much to be done, especially living on a working farm, that it's difficult to take a "day off". Factor in 100+ sheep and attempting to get ready for another fiber show and that's even more the case.

After being married for 21+ years, I've come to the realization that my husband is a workaholic, but I can always get him to slow the pace down when we get a rainy day. It's a day to dawdle over a cup of coffee, hang out on the front porch, usually on the swing, and just marvel at all of it. Marvel at the fact that in spite of the state of the world today, we are carving out bit by bit our own piece of heaven. It's going to take time -- lots of time -- and tons of hard work, but we have finally realized that it's okay to not get everything on the list done today, to leave some for tomorrow and just savor the wonderful things we've already accomplished.

There's always going to be weeds to pull, but the humming birds are beautiful to watch as they hover over and dart from flower to flower. The sheep love walking out in the rain and call to us as they walk past the house out to their favorite spots in the pasture. Just listening to the sound of the rain is calming.

Yes, this is our bit of heaven. We are very thankful for it -- every day, every single day.

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