Monday, August 10, 2009

Yesterday's storms --

Yesterday afternoon, oh boy did Mother Nature let loose! There were some wild winds and lots of thing toppled over. Thankfully all of us were fine (animals included) but I will have to put up some pics of the damage.

We had to rescue a ewe that found herself pinned under the old "fort" the girls played on when they were little. A ladder, platform and slide think with a roof on top.

The sheep were cute, they used to scratch their backs on the slide and they'd hang out in the shade underneath the platform. Yeah, until Mother nature ripped the roof off and knocked it over on poor "Survivor" (newly named yearling ewe).

Rachel had gone out in the pasture after seeing the fort tipped over to see what was up. She knew something was going on, because 2 lambs were hanging out by the fort, and they don't do that if nothing's going on. Sure enough, screams alerted us to get our butts out there ASAP!!! George and I ran out and hopped the fence, gave the for the old heave-ho, and Survivor limped off, favoring her left rear leg, but none the worse for the wear. You gotta love it when the sheep are strong and patient and take the world as it comes!

Other than a huge feeder getting tipped over and the grill attempting to commit suicide off the back of the deck, all was well. Grill put back in place, feeder has to wait until the ground dries some so we don't make a huge mess with the backhoe, and all is well at the Sundstrom Farm.

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