Monday, August 24, 2009

Dieing to get some dyeing done!!!

Well, it's been busy at Sun Valley's homestead lately. Lots of appointments to attend, getting the girls ready for school. Glad those are almost all completed.

We've been busy checking on the sheep and getting their health records in order. It's just something that needs to be done and it gets away from me sometimes. With 100+ sheep to keep organized, it does take time or it gets complicated real fast.

Oh, and then there's the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival coming up right around the corner!! I have 2 weeks to go and then it's pack everything up, time to head out!! There's still much to do, but Mr. SunValleyFibers will make sure I get everything done. He's good that way.

We've also been working on a brick patio in the backyard off the kitchen. That's been taking up some time. But boy, does it look beautiful! It will be nice to get flowers planted around when it's done. That will finish everything off nicely!!

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