Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First days of school! Lamb separation.

Well, today was Rachel's first day of school. Boy, was it strange to have everyone up at the same time. The house was sure noisey. Good thing the neighbors don't live so close by. We're the only ones with school-age children for a good mile or so. Not that we're THAT loud!! But I swear the sheep can be. They are especially loud if they are protesting something -- i.e. which pasture we're letting them graze in.

Renee starts her sophomore year tomorrow. She can't wait. We're fortunate, in more ways than I can count, but going to school has always been something my kids like to do. They love it. I'm so glad it's not a struggle. I think it's more of a struggle for George and I to keep up with all the things the girls are doing lately.

I think we're about ready for WSWF in a week. We sold some sheep recently and they're going to their new home on Monday. Yeah!!!

We're also starting to separate the ram lambs from the ewe herd. All of the lambs were separated from their moms when we weaned everyone. But now that the nights are getting cooler (downright cold if you ask me!!) it's best to start the sorting process so make sure there are no oops babies in the spring.

It's always cute to see the little rams act like "they're all that". The big rams let the pretend, at least for now, until they need to learn their place in the herd.

More on that later, and hopefully some pics soon! There's not enough time in the day!

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