Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's fiber show season!

Oh, man is this a crazy time or what? And, no, I don't mean Madison, but that's busy too.

We've spent the last 2 weekends at fiber shows, namely the Janesville Knit In in Milton, Wisconsin and last weekend at Sheep In The City in Milwaukee. Both shows were great, and now it's time to restock! Too bad the yarn bases aren't here yet. Soon tho!

This weekend our sheep are being sheared. Well, at least the ewes are. I'll try to get pics, but I'm not making any promises. It's going to be cold and snowy. Good thing the girls like the cold weather!

It's going to be George and I and Bob, our shearer. Hopefully George's brother will be around, but if not -- we've done it before, we'll do it again!

R1 and R2, the darling daughters, are off to Solo and Ensamble in DeForest. The little -- or, rather, TALL darlings -- both are taller than we are -- need to be at school by 6 a.m. on Saturday morning -- That's dedication! They are playing a duet together and then R1 is playing an ensemble with friends. R2 will be support staff for her friends -- as it should be!

Thankfully our chickens are back to laying eggs. They took a break over the winter, and it was a pain in the a** to buy eggs at the store. You get spoiled. If anyone wants any beautiful, yummy, free-range eggs, let me know, we've got some coming every day again!

Take care.


  1. I didn't tell you at Sheep in the City...but the 800 yds. of laceweight I bought isn't actually for me. I'm sending it out on a swap. She's from NC so she may have never gotten her hands on your items. I hope to impress her with *something* from Wisconsin.

    Shall I see you at Knit In?

  2. Hey, Jeanette,

    Sorry I couldn't make it to Sheep in the City; maybe next year. I am happily working through my stash of SunValley Fibers, though. Made a really cool hat, Norie, in that lovely aqua. Will get the photo up on my Rav page tomorrow. (yoganan on Ravelry)

    Just thinking about your farm and your family makes me happy! You are so welcoming to all the Cultured Purls knitters!